Celling Fans


Add a dash of elegance amalgamated with power, performance, comfort, safety and durability. The Payal ceiling fans are an imperative part of every home and are built to be energy efficient. Add a sense of style and exuberance to your rooms and offices with our innovative and trendy designs. With easy installation, our range of ceiling fans is a fit and forget proposition. Ceiling fans are an imperative part of any household. What you select for your house depicts your style and when people walk in through that door, Payal ceiling fans help you make an impression. Embrace your choices with options like energy saving fans, decorative fans, high speed fans, regular fans etc. It is only with these appliances, that a house feels like home and we understand this. The biggest benefit with Payal fans is that there is no compromise on the performance and the energy usage is always minimum. It is time you upgrade your homes with the most trendy and unique designer fans.

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