Payal Rewireable Switch Fuse Unit (Main Switch)



Payal presents wide range of compact, elegant & economical Rewire able switch fuse unit which are credible for various power distribution application. Payal switch fuse units are manufactured and designed in such a way that pro- vide user safety, convenience and operational advantages. This device is to be provided immediately after the meter board. These device are used for power distribution & protects electrical equipment’s and cable from damage due to fluctuations. This is also known to be main switch and are operated using side handle. The whole system in the building is connected through main switch. So in case of emergency if user wants to shut down the power supply to equipment in a frequent manner, then this device come to rescue and fulfil your requirement


  1. Multi story buildings
  2. Production line
  3. Server Room
  4. Construction sites
  5. Laboratories
  6. Retails Offices
  7. Hospitals
  8. Universities
  9. Factory
  10. Research centre
  11. Shopping Complex
  12. Institutions
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PYMS32240DP, PYMS32415TP, PYMS63240DP, PYMS63415TP, PYMS100415TP, PYMS200415TP, PYMS300415TP