Payal Step Type Busbar



Several devices are required in day to day life in industry, however selecting right equipment For right job is necessary. We empathize with our esteemed customers that they are looking for a product which is sophisticated & durable and cost effective at same time, sounds great right? We did rigorous research & studied market & industry trends. We manufactured a device which resist the wastage of electrical energy and are cost savings. This device is perfect blend of aesthetics, feature & performance. We present you Payal step type busbar chambers. Payal Step Type Busbar are manufactured to fulfil requirements for various applications Everywhere, this device make complicated power distribution much effective than traditional Wiring harness. They can likewise be mounted in a lesser time in contrast to traditional wiring & reduce overall cost while allow for greater flexibility. The busbars are used to connect high Voltage equipment’s at electrical switchyards and low voltage equipment in battery banks.


Payal Step Type Busbars are manufactured in different sizes as per load requirement. The Basic principle behind Busbar is that. It collects power supply from input terminal (or incoming feeders) of an electrical system & distributes it to various output loads (or outgoing feeders) with greater efficiency in contrast to traditional wiring & reduce overall cost while allow for greater flexibility. Electrical busbars systems are used to safely implement 3 phase power distribution systems often large environments.


  1. Robust Design: Payal Busbar are way more sturdy than cable unlike cables or wires, they are easy to mount and maintain. That is why they use a lot less space than cable, moreover Busbar allow wire to be isolated there by reducing any kind of mishappening.
  2. ETP Grade Copper material: The Busbars are manufactured from ETP Grade copper material, because of its excellent property of being an excellent conductor of electricity. It can withstand high operating temperatures & maintains its structural integrity, thus providing extra security during short circuit conditions.
  3. Flexibility: They are easily customizable therefore you can easily modify this equipment. Reduced facilities costs because less development work implies establishment is more affordable & there are no exorbitant changes & outside work costs for electrical trained pro- fissional.
  4. Better Resistance: Busbar are unbending structure components & consequently have preferred opposition over cables Busbars have a base separator b\w the conductors which thus lessens enlistment of obstruction. Busbars appears flat they have lower density level which is beneficial in transmitting electricity evenly throughout system & cause lesser volt- age loss
  5. Reduce loss of energy: PAYAL Busbars chambers have lower resistance than traditional wiring links. Busbars additionally have a constrained development of receptive capacity to power contrasted with cable arrangements. Therefore loss of vitality because of transmission & circulation is lower in Busbars.
  6. Ease of distribution: The busbar chambers can be repurposed without a huge capital expenditure to fit into any space. Cabling, once installed, can be incredibly expensive and disruptive to move, change, reconfigure and expand. So busbars can be changed at whatever location as per your choice in a shorter period of time.
  7. Faster installation: Busbars are immensely safe & easy to install. You can simply fix on hard surface by simple bolt as screw them to the required location. The mounting holes and foot stand provision are there to mount it on hard surface. They are suitable for surface & flush mounting.
  8. Cost saving: it’s a misconception that busbars are costly. In reality, the easy and decreased installation time of the busbar ensures that it is competitively priced. In fact, over the lifetime, a busbar costs much less than cables as the system is efficient and virtually maintenance free… Business is almost about cost saving so buying Busbars as an investment into an asset for it will last a lot longer and will save your organization a lot of money in the long run
  9. Heat Absorption: Busbars can ingest heat created while transmission. The cooling arrangement is obviously superior to traditional cabling arrangement.
  10. Safe & Secure: The Busbar copper strips are fitted in steps because of providing adequate clearance between strips to prevent congestion of cables to make easy wiring connection and faster installation. Busbars are fabricated with CRCA sheet steel casing, they are far less likely to wear out, and are less likely to be damaged by rodents. This makes them safer than cables



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