Power Strip



Power strips are one of the essential electronics to connect multiple devices within proximity. The power strip models we created are contemporary modern designs, giving a perfect look to your houses and offices.

There are different outlets for commercial and residential use, but the most common ones include two sockets, which is not sufficient. Payal is one of the prominent companies known for manufacturing and supplying superior quality power strips made of polycarbonate with a perfectly smooth touch. One of the major advantages of these power strips is that it is highly convenient and easy to carry.

The 4×4 power strip comes with 4 international sockets, highly suitable for various plug-ins used across the globe. Other than that, it is highly safe for children against electric shock. The sockets are highly versatile, which is also fire-retardant. Some of our power strip has a thermal overload trip, which power-offs the system and protects the connected devices from an unanticipated event. The sockets have sufficient space in-between for connecting different plug-in designs. It is highly suitable for offices, households, televisions, computers, etc. Payal offers a wide range of power strip products made by using top-quality products.

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