1. Heat-Resistant
The heat generated inside the MCB Enclosures due to overloading or MCBs being in use for a long time can be risky. Payal MCB boxes have been made with heat-resistant plastic materials to ensure that our MCB boxes are Capable of withstanding the risen temperature.
2. Solid Build Quality
Payal brings an excellent assortment of MCB boxes made using high-impact plastics. These products are designed for fast, smooth, and secure installation. The product conforms to the high standards for domestic as well as commercial needs.
3. Better Air Flow
Payal MCB Boxes have a wider body giving MCBs a significant amount of space on the sides for a better air flow. This improves the operational efficiency of the MCBs and reduces electricity losses and risks.
4. Longevity
Being a leading manufacturer, quality is a necessity. Longevity is always expected from our products by all customers.


MCB enclosures aka MCB Boxes are used to connect the MCBs with the electrical circuit and provide them the mounting rails and necessary support. These also protect the electrical wiring from any direct contact with foreign objects or an accidental human touch.

MCB Enclosures primarily come in 3 sizes as per the number of MCBs that can be accommodated: 1/2 Way, 3/4 Way, and 5/6 Way. In addition to this, there are 2 variants of MCB enclosures in terms of the material of their back cover: Metal or Plastic.

Payal is a leading Indian manufacturer of MCB Boxes with a presence across the entire country. To satisfy the diverse demands of the Indian electricians, Payal offers MCB Boxes in all variants: Metal and Plastic Back in all 3 sizes. These are preferred when MCB boxes are used in rooms or offices visible to the public.

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