PVC Modular Box



Modular Surface Boxes are used to create foundational support for Modular Switches and Plates. They secure and enclose electrical wiring from tampering. They safeguard users from electrocution by acting as a barrier between the wiring and them. As the name suggests, Surface Boxes are mounted on the surface (over the wall) as opposed to Concealed Boxes which are placed inside a recess in the wall.
Our Modular Surface Boxes are compatible with our best-selling Modular Range of Switches. Payal is a leading manufacturer of Modular Surface Boxes in India and offers a wide variety of Surface Boxes in sizes ranging from 1 Module to 24 Module.
You can also check out our Concealed Boxes and Gang Boxes for your desired applications.
1. Superior Insulation
They offer excellent insulation from harsh outdoor conditions to the internal wiring. This gives the wiring a longer life by protecting them from rodents, termites, moisture, etc.
2. Compatible with One Modular Range
Payal manufactures a variety of modular surface boxes in comprehensive sizes. This gives you the flexibility to mount one modular switches and plates without any compatibility issues.
3. Unmatched Designs
Being one of the most sought-after surface box manufacturers in India, Payal has an unmatched variety of shapes and designs to suit various applications.
4. Easy To Use
Installing our surface boxes is swift and easy for every level of expertise. They can be installed in a few minutes without any hassle.


The primary purpose of a surface box is to support the modular switch and plates and isolate the electrical wiring from its external environment, thereby preventing damage from foreign objects. They help in extending the life of the entire wiring by acting as a shield preventing any direct contact.

They can be easily joined with our Casing-Capping by cutting along the given guidelines on the sides, through which the electrical wires from the source can be passed into the box. They are great alternatives in situations where concealed wiring is not possible

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