Telecom Switch Board Cables



Communication made easy with high quality Telephone Cables, Made in conformity with the TEC regulations and customer requirements. The Payal range of telephone cables are manufactured using high quality high grade copper wire that not only offers better elongation, but also higher soldering ability and twist withstanding capability. Other features of these wires include being safe, reliable, fire-retardant, fire-resistant and non-toxic. Made in eco-friendly manufacturing plants, Payal adheres to strict environmental standards. Catering to the telecom industry is of utmost importance because it forms the basis of communication and any kind of lag or a problem in the same can be the reason for a very big problem. The switch board cables from Payal are the best ones you will find in India. Safety and reliability are two most important properties we focus on and deliver. These cables are completely safe to use and protect and safeguard the lives of people using them.

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