TPN Double-Door Distribution Boards


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  • Elegant design to complement your stylish interior decor
  • Removable pan assembly for ease of wiring and greater accessibility


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Payal range of TPN Double-Door Distribution Boards (DBs) is a great choice when you’re looking for durability, quality, convenience and an elegant design. Also known as an electric panel or panel board, a distribution board acts as the main supply system in your home or commercial space. A good distribution board regulates the power supply, ensuring safety and reliability. The best distribution board for you is one that is suited to your requirements. To help you make an informed choice, let’s take a closer look at some of Payal TPN Double-Door DB’s prime features.

TPN: The term TPN stands for ‘three phase and neutral’. This means that the circuit has only one three phase input, with several single phase outputs. The main three phase supply comes into the board and is then distributed through the circuit breakers and further into the different circuits like lights and plugs etc. The circuit breakers keep you safe by preventing the flow of current to the circuit in case of current overload or voltage fluctuation.

Range: Payal TPN Double-Door Distribution Boards are available in 4-Way, 6-Way, and 8-Way options. The variant you choose will depend on your electrical requirements. 

Double-Door: This refers to the door of the distribution board. Double doors are the preferred choice for distribution boards with multiple connections. They protect the distribution board from the environment while keeping the board out of regular sight.

As one of the most trusted brands in the country, Payal is proud to present you with distribution boards that boast of excellent quality, safety, durability and convenience. To begin with, the pan assembly (consisting of E-link, N-link, base, and DIN rails) is completely removable One can then work on the wiring at a more suitable location and simply fix the pan assembly back into the distribution board. This is excellent for installation, and even more convenient in case of rewiring. In fact, when it comes to reworking, Payal TPN Double-Door DBs provide incredible accessibility.  The box is designed to have optimum depth providing greater access. All rewiring work can be completed easily by only removing the intermittent door. There’s no need to also remove the front frame and door assembly of the distribution board. Even both the top and bottom gland plates (that house openings for supply cables) can be removed completely, ensuring both installation and rework are always convenient and easy. Apart from consisting of long-lasting, high-quality components, these distribution boards are made of sturdy CRCA steel sheets with a smooth surface. They are also powder-coated to make them extra durable. The zinc-coated iron screws resist corrosion while the busbar (used for current distribution) is both nickel-plated and insulated, promising safe and long usage. The distribution boards can be mounted flush with your wall (to prevent the board from jutting out) or against the wall surface, as per your preference. Their white shade and stylish design add to their appeal, making them fit in seamlessly in your home or commercial space. Payal TPN Double-Door Distribution Board is the perfect choice when you’re looking for a reliable, durable, and convenient distribution board.