LT Control Cables – Copper Conductor (Unarmoured Cables) – 2XY

Unarmoured 2XY


PAYAL Copper Power Cables, Solid Copper Conductor up to 6 sq. mm & Balance Stranded Conductor Copper, XLPE Insulated, Cores Laid Up, PVC Innersheathed, Unarmoured/Armoured (Glavanised wire for cables up to 10Cx1.5sq. mm, 8Cx2.5 sq. mm, 3CxSq. mm, 4Cx6sq. mm & balance all galvanised steel strip) Extruded PVC Type ST2 Outer Sheathed 650/1100v Grade as per IS 7098 (Part 1) 1988 with upto Date Amendements


2C, 3C, 4C, 5C, 6C, 7C, 8C, 10C, 12C, 14C, 16C, 19C, 24C, 27C, 30C, 37C, 44C, 61C

Size (Sq. mm)

1.5, 2.5